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Jefferson County Drainage District

Port Arthur, Texas 77642

  • 0 beds
  • 0 baths
  • 7680 sqft


💰Self Storage Unit. Port Arthur, TX.

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0 bedrooms, 0 baths, 7680 sqft. Built in 1977. Lot 31500 sqft.

16 unitS / SELF-Storage

Each unit: 12' x 40' on a 31,500 square-foot Lot.

Actual building is using only 1/3 of the Lot.

2/3 of the Lot available for new building


-Make those 16 units of 12x40 in 32 units of 12x20💰

(Double your Cash Flow)

-Average rent is $200 for 12' x 20' units💰

-All 16 units are occupied


(Check project on Appraisal)

(Survey and Appraisal available by request)

Current Appraisal "As Is"

ASKING PRICE: $170,000

Jefferson CAD Appraisal 2022 = $350,000✅

“As Stabilized” $630,000 per Appraisal💰💰

A lot of potential on this Commercial Property.

The property is located in a neighborhood with a variety

of commercial and residential developments.


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Cesar Cabrera



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Property Facts

  • Purchase Price : $ 170K
  • After Repair Value : $ 630K
  • Property Type : Commercial Property
  • Deal Type : Wholesale Deal
  • Year Build : 1977
  • Parking : Attached Garage
  • Lot Size : 31500 sqft
  • Zoning : Yes

Nearest Airport

  • Port Arthur2.79 mi


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